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Based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Advanced Nutrition & Weight Management Consultant, Sport Yoga Teacher, and a Level 3 member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). With a wide range of other training qualifications including Advanced Circuit Training and Thai-Bo, I currently offer personal training, fitness classes and professional advice on nutrition and weight loss / gain to private clients and groups.

Specialising in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, Sport Yoga and one to one nutrition advice, my services are targeted at fitness and healthy weight loss and weight management for everyone. I don’t charge high fees, as I believe that what I provide shouldn’t just be available to the wealthy. Additionally because I don’t work through a gym, I don’t have to pay them commission, which means I can keep my costs lower. Critically though it’s the results that count, so you can read full testimonials from recent clients on the Services Page.

If you would like to book a session or request additional details, then please use the Contact Form to get in touch through the website, or email or phone me directly. Alternatively for free health and fitness information, you can use the links at the bottom of the page to follow me via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email or RSS

Register of Exercise Professionals - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe


  • The advice and tips have been invaluable for helping keep me focused, and understanding what nutrition I was lacking in my diet. I have definitely seen and felt the improvements the advice has made during the time I have been training.

    – Collette Dare, Hazlemere

  • Not only did Maria open my eyes to the benefits of healthy eating and exercising… her regular encouragement helped me reach my goal. I am now the happiest I have been for years all thanks to Maria… which I will be eternally grateful for.

    – Sophie Putnam, Hazlemere

  • I really didn’t believe I could be where I am today and I’m often astounded at what my body can achieve. My strength and fitness is probably better than ever, but Maria never had any doubt and that belief was so encouraging for me.

    – Elaine North, Lane End

  • Life changing for me and my family. I have lost over 2 stone in weight and it’s positively affected not just my own health, but my family and friends too. Maria is the ultimate professional and I highly recommend her without any reservation.

    – Jill Hallas, Totteridge

  • I have seen my body change and adapt, and I am really pleased with the results! The nutritional information has been invaluable and helped me lose weight… I understand my body and what it needs much more now.

    – Yasmin Shroff, High Wycombe

  • A positive change to my health and well being. Maria has helped me lose 2 stone… her personal training sessions and Real Me Plan provide a great balance of nutritional information and exercise. I would recommend Maria to anyone.

    – Kate Sheehan, High Wycombe

  • The thought of going to the gym horrified me… so I knew I had to get a Personal Trainer. Since going to Maria I have lost a stone and inches of my waist! Maria is a great PT… the best decision I’ve made the whole year.

    – Cynthia Gonera, Totteridge

  • After years of dieting on and off, I met Maria. I decided to train with her and am so glad I made that decision. I’ve lost 2 stone in 4 months… for the first time in years I try on clothes and feel I look good in them.

    – Susie Dorricott, Hazlemere

  • I was amazed and thrilled to see good results each time… and always listened to Maria’s advice. Because of her motivation and work, and my hard work and effort, I got where I wanted to be and I feel very good about myself.

    – Haleema Araf, High Wycombe

  • My training has been fantastic, and I have seen results and become stronger, my confidence has improved and I have a more healthy mentality, which I wouldn’t have achieved if I hadn’t been coming to Maria.

    – Nazmin Hamid, High Wycombe

  • Personal training with Maria was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Fun workouts tailored to my body helped me reach the goals I wanted to achieve. What I have learnt will stay with me the rest of my life, I can’t thank her enough.

    – Daisy Munns, High Wycombe

  • The results say more than I ever could… my weight down 11lbs, body fat down 8.5%, tummy down 5 inches, hips down 3 inches and metabolic age down 17 years! Maria has given me so many tools and advice about how to continue for life.

    – Sarah F, High Wycombe

  • I came desperate to take back some control over my body, and the minute I met Maria I knew if anyone could get me moving she could. Her caring and professional approach was exactly what I needed… I hope to be back for more very soon!

    – Claire Gresswell, High Wycombe

  • I found the nutritional advice very interesting and inspiring, and have now totally changed how I eat and drink! It’s not difficult and doesn’t feel like a ‘quick fix’. I’m now more alert, less lethargic and even without exercise have lost inches.

    – Lisa Hill, High Wycombe

  • I really enjoyed these sessions and lost over a stone. Maria is always motivational in her approach and I came away feeling energised. I now build fitness into my week and no longer find it a chore. They have changed my life.

    – Sally Mannerings, High Wycombe

  • An amazing trainer giving incredible support. I felt a thousand times better even after a short time. I would advise anyone if they want a personal trainer who is professional, caring and an inspiration, look no further.

    – Gayle Lawton, Hazlemere

  • It’s been a great experience… a challenge… breaking habits… I reached my goal on understanding nutrition better and some weight loss. Pro:Kinesis definitely knows its stuff.

    – Nabila Kamran, High Wycombe

  • I really enjoyed my sessions, and by tailoring the workouts individually to me, she motivated me both to achieve my weight loss goals, and change my lifestyle for the better!

    – Cath Soul, High Wycombe

  • I came to Maria to gain weight in a healthy way… My biggest results came with my legs, where the muscle definition improved drastically. This is also apparent in my arms as well, and I feel much stronger and confident about my body.

    – Shanice Neptune, High Wycombe

  • A fantastic PT. All sessions are tailor made with purpose and a big dose of fun. The nutrition advice is invaluable and made the biggest difference. I look forward to my workouts every week.

    – Sarah Jackson, High Wycombe

  • An expert personal trainer, with an extensive nutritional knowledge base and brilliant physical workouts, is what makes her a superb personal trainer I would recommend to anyone.

    – Anna Burniston, Hughenden Valley

  • I lost almost a stone, learned a lot and felt the training sessions had a great motivation on my lifestyle. Maria was extremely professional, very supportive and I have benefited immensely.

    – Valerie Kelly, High Wycombe

  • The training sessions were physically hard, while the diet plan was challenging for me, but Maria was absolutely mega supportive above and beyond the call of duty.

    – Elena Grace, Tylers Green

  • In 4 months I lost 2 stone, dropped 2 dress sizes, ran Race for Life in under 30 minutes and felt like a different person. My whole outlook on exercise, food and myself has changed completely.

    – Katie Hope, High Wycombe

  • After having two children ten years ago, the weight had stayed on. Maria was fantastic… the routine fresh and interesting. I am pleased to say that I lost a stone due to my sessions.

    – Samantha Dove, Widmer End

  • Maria brought fun and knowledge to exercise; she is inspirational and motivational and every session with her is exciting. She is full of energy and positivity and we always end up in laughter!

    – Nic Cavill, High Wycombe

  • A truly enjoyable and rewarding experience, giving me the education to go forward to maintain gradual weight loss and toning.

    – Caroline Mather, Flackwell Heath

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