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5 Fitness Fundamentals

5 Fitness Fundamentals - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeHere I’ve listed five core suggestions to help you get the best out your workouts and ensure that what you do is safer and more effective.

1. Planning – Plan your training. Put together a short circuit using the Pro:Kinesis Exercise Library in the Members Area (which you can register for free to access), it’s real simple. Go to each area of the body, i.e. Upper Body, Lower Body, Core , Cardiovascular and choose 2 from each section, but 3 from CV. Practice your technique by reading how to properly execute the moves, then write them in the order 1st Upper Body, 1st Cardio, 1st Lower Body, 2nd Cardio, 2nd Upper Body, 3rd Cardio, 2nd Lower Body and then both Core exercises at the end. Put on some funky dance music and go for two rounds, 30 secs – 1 min each exercise depending on your fitness level. You must remember to progress a little more in exercise time (5 secs) each week to keep your body from hitting a plateau. Congratulations, you’ve now made your own  home circuit routine, so watch your body transform.

2. Multi-Move – Learn how to do multi-move exercises or super sets. This means combining squats with biceps curls, or squats with lateral raises, or deadlifts with bent over dumbbell row. The more muscles involved the more it revs up your metabolic rate.

3. Imagination – Be creative with your workouts. Remember you can workout anywhere; in your living room, with just a step block , or use the outdoors as your gym. Take a fitness mat to the park and use your imagination with bodyweight exercises. If you need some ideas, again there are some great ones in the Exercise Library.

4. Clothing – Wear proper fitness clothes. This especially means good shoes that are appropriate for whichever exercise you are doing. This way you will reduce your chances of injury and improve your workout effectiveness. There are also some great clothes to wear that can put you in the mood and make you feel the part when you workout.

5. Sleep – Get an early night more often. Lack of sleep really slows your metabolism, so you will burn fewer calories in the day. A study in America showed that those who slept, on average, under five hours, munched an extra 220 more calories daily compared to those that went to La La Land early.

So here’s wishing you all better planned, more functional and more effective workouts.