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5 Food Tips for Better Health

5 Food Tips - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeThere are some key choices we can make that can make a significant difference to the health of our bodies, and especially for those looking to manage their weight better.

So here is a quick list of 5 which should be easy to put into practice by almost anyone –

1. Make time for breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day. It means you need to break your overnight fast and help to keep your blood sugar level, or you will end up craving sugary snacks by mid-morning. It is also a good idea to include protein with breakfast, so this can be an egg or some nuts, as it ¬†helps keep you fuller for longer and also helps you with your daily protein requirements.

2. Get into the habit of steaming your vegetables, as boiling them destroy’s vitamins. Steaming also keeps in more of the food’s flavour and gives it a slightly crunchy taste instead of squashy and mush.

3. Try not to drink too much liquid with meals as this dilutes digestive juices. However, orange juice is good sipped with foods that contain iron, as the Vitamin C the juice contains, helps your body absorb the mineral more efficiently .

4. Some people find it easier to lose weight by grazing all day on healthy snacks to balance blood sugar, others say that 3 sensible meals a day is what works for them. Neither is wrong, just listen to your body.

5. If you are finding it hard to substitute sugar then try Stevia (recently approved for use in the E.U.) or organic agave syrup, which are plant based natural sugars, and do not greatly impact your glycaemic level.