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Making Changes

Making Changes - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe…by moving more.

Many scientific studies have proved this is significantly the case for Breast and Bowel Cancer.

Being physically active could help prevent thousands of cancers in the UK every year by reducing the levels of hormones such as Insulin, in your blood: At high levels, these hormones make it more likely for Bowel and Breast cancer to develop. Physical activity also reduces swelling in the bowel and helps toxins move through the body more efficiently which helps reduce the Cancer risk. The positive effects of physical activity also hold true for surviving and recovering from Cancer.

Importantly, you don’t need hours in the gym to gain these benefits, as even small bursts of movements throughout the day can lead to big changes in your body without you even realising it. Brisk walking, following home exercise videos, swimming or even jogging around your living room/house/garden etc, can all help to raise your heart rate and stimulate the lymphatic system into working harder to remove the toxins quicker.

Therefore, just small changes can make the world of difference. So, start by making your first change today.

Your Life Depends On Them

Your Life Depends On Them - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeDo you ever wonder when scientists might actually come up with a guaranteed answer to slowing, or indeed reversing ageing? Well despite not yet having had that ‘Eureka!’ moment, recent research has discovered quite a bit in terms of slowing the ageing process, and it seems that some of us are already doing exactly what has been shown to help.

It might sound obvious, but healthy living has a more fundamental impact on your body than just your day to day processes. Doing things like Yoga, eating properly and exercising moderately, all assist in slowing and to a degree reversing, the ageing process, and they actually do this by affecting our DNA.

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Essential Eating

Essential Eating - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeIt is all well and good restricting your calorie intake and shedding the body fat that you shouldn’t be carrying, but in creating that calorie deficit don’t underestimate how important vitamins and minerals are to your healthy eating plan.

You may be creating a big calorie deficit and losing body fat, but if your food choices are poor and your diet is lacking in essential nutrients, then you will find that you will be more hungry than ever before. During your diet, it’s critical that you deliberately boost your intake of fruit and vegetables over and above the recommended 5 portions a day, because otherwise your body will actually produce hormones to make you crave foods, trying to make you eat more to compensate for the vitamins and minerals it thinks you’re lacking. Eating only 1 or 2 portions of fruit and vegetables a day is far too low to be giving your body what it needs to maintain optimal health, even when you are eating normally.

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