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Quick Tip – Fat Vitamins

Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeVitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble which means they are stored in the fat tissue of your body and in your liver. They remain stored until your body needs to utilise them, which is why it is recommended to have some healthy fat on your body.

G.I. Low, The Way To Go

Now that Christmas has come and gone, and after the usual festive excesses, New Year will be the time when many peoples’ thoughts turn back to their goals of fitness and fat loss.

Now while it’s fashionable to be looking for the latest diet trend, the magic solution that promises you the body of your dreams in record time if you only eat and drink x, y and z. I want to tell you about the healthy eating plan that really works, one that real nutritionists and qualified dietitians actually encourage.

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Question Time – Olive Oil?

As promised, here’s the first response in the new “Your Questions?” section.

Q – Is olive oil fine to consume if I am on a diet?

A – The answer to this is yes, it really is fine, and olive oil has some major health benefits. Studies have shown it can help protect you against heart disease and certain cancers. Plus Olive oil is a mono-unsaturated fat that also helps lowers bad cholesterol.

But just be aware that it still contains 9kcal per gram, and don’t be taken in just because a product says “light” olive oil, as it has the same number of calories as normal olive oil. The real difference is that the “light” refers to purely colour and flavour.

One last thing, when using it, try not to let it start smoking as this causes the oil to change its chemical structure. This can be very nasty for the body because it will clog the joints and arteries.

Thanks to Caroline M from Flackwell Heath, UK who posed this one.