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Question Time – Olive Oil?

As promised, here’s the first response in the new “Your Questions?” section.

Q – Is olive oil fine to consume if I am on a diet?

A – The answer to this is yes, it really is fine, and olive oil has some major health benefits. Studies have shown it can help protect you against heart disease and certain cancers. Plus Olive oil is a mono-unsaturated fat that also helps lowers bad cholesterol.

But just be aware that it still contains 9kcal per gram, and don’t be taken in just because a product says “light” olive oil, as it has the same number of calories as normal olive oil. The real difference is that the “light” refers to purely colour and flavour.

One last thing, when using it, try not to let it start smoking as this causes the oil to change its chemical structure. This can be very nasty for the body because it will clog the joints and arteries.

Thanks to Caroline M from Flackwell Heath, UK who posed this one.

Your Questions?

For today’s post I’m announcing something a little different. Over the next few weeks I’m going to run an email based Q&A session, where I’m inviting Pro:Kinesis followers on either Facebook or Twitter, or of the website’s Blog or RSS feed, to email me their burning Health, Fitness and Nutrition questions. I’ll then try and answer as many of the emails as I can via the main Pro:Kinesis Body Blog which will automatically post the excerpt updates back out to your usual pages on Facebook and Twitter.

This really is your chance to get the answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask a Personal Trainer, so please don’t shy away from taking the opportunity to ask them in the first place.

As ever, I can only personalise my answers based on any specific information you provide in the emails, so if you think anything may be relevant for me to be able to answer your question better, then please ensure that you provide the details in the mail

All questions should be emailed to –

Please also include your name on any email, and let me know if you wish to remain anonymous so that I can respect any privacy wishes when I answer.