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Child’s Play

Child's Play - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeIt sounds juvenile, looks like it should be confined to the playground, but is great fun and surprisingly effective.

Trampolining, or Rebounding as the fitness industry likes to call it, has the capability to do more for you than you could possibly imagine and is becoming an increasingly popular offering in health clubs and gyms up and down the country.

Here’s why you should seriously consider letting your inner child have some me-time –

1) Trampoline workouts are gentle on your joints because of the low-impact cushioning effect of the net, meaning that it’s especially suitable for people with sports injuries and other joint issues.

2) It’s incredibly effective. Studies have shown that bouncing on a trampoline burns up to 20% more calories than jogging at 5 miles an hour. In fact  6 minutes trampolining can be the equivalent of jogging one mile.

3) It helps your body eliminate toxins, improving your detoxification system as the bouncing stimulates the body’s lymphatic drainage system.

4) It’s brilliantly cheap and easy to do. Despite health clubs and gyms offering Rebounding classes, it costs even less to go and buy a rebounder (mini personal trampoline) and do it all at home in front of the TV watching your favourite shows.

Simply performing any cardio exercise or combination of exercises on a rebounder, is a great start. They engage more muscles, burning more calories, benefiting strength, balance and coordination. If you need any suggestions on what exercises you can incorporate, then visit my Exercise Library and use the Cardio button to filter for a range of possibilities.

So, what better excuse and what more could you possibly want from spending time acting like a kid all over again?