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Eggstra Protein

Eggstremely Easy - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeYou may not know that changing your diet in a few simple areas can make a huge difference. Adding extra protein can make you feel fuller for longer, helping with mid morning or evening cravings.

One simple but effective food is an egg. As well as the protein they contain, eggs are also a good natural source of many vitamins including Vitamins A, B2, B12 and D, plus minerals and trace elements like Phosphorus, Iodine, Iron and Selenium.

The previous limits on egg consumption due to their cholesterol levels have been removed as we are now understanding better that cholesterol in the body is actually caused by a combination of factors including smoking, lack of exercise, excess alcohol, and critically excess saturated fat consumption, but not the cholesterol of food itself. It’s therefore the way you cook eggs that matter more than the egg itself, with fried eggs and cheese filled omelettes contributing to saturated fat levels due to the fat added in frying and high levels of saturated fat in the cheese. Thankfully eggs are now be recognised as a healthy food, and one that can be quick to prepare and enjoyed in so many ways. For even healthier options try combining vegetables or salads with your scrambled, boiled or poached eggs.

So, with one medium egg providing around 80 calories, this is a great food to add into your weekly healthy eating plan.