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Excuses, Excuses…

Excuses Excuses - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe…for not being fit and healthy.

There always seems to be a whole host of reasons that people come up with to explain why they can’t get into shape.

Denial is a sad state to be in and if this sounds like you, then I’m afraid it is only you that will suffer, and only you that you are deceiving!

1. I’m Too Busy – This really is no excuse. Although most people are busy, everybody needs to learn how to use their time better and make better choices for leading a fitter lifestyle. Visit a free fitness website and learn how to do daily 10 minute bursts of exercise. I don’t care how busy you claim to be, everybody, and a I mean EVERYBODY, can find 10 minutes. Food wise, instead of your usual shopping, learn from the vast amount of information on how to swap in healthy foods and banish unhealthy ones.

2. I’ve Had A Bad Day – A large bar of chocolate, supersize dinners, and bingeing on rubbish foods won’t make your day any better, and in fact may make you feel guilty. Feeling guilty after the binge will only make your day feel a lot worse. Try other releases like calling a friend to talk about your day, or go to a good tension releasing exercise class like Boxercise!

3. I Deserve Treats – Yes you deserve treats, but isn’t it much more satisfying and rewarding to wait for that treat until the end of the day, especially when you’ve proved to yourself that you can control the calories within the rest of the day. Remember, treats should also be occasional, not regular. If they’re regular, they’re no longer treats and have simply become part of your diet.

4. It’s Genetics – Some people claim they really don’t eat much at all, and yet are still obese! However, weight control is a simple equation: Calories In > Calories Used = Increasing Weight. Yes genetics can play a role for some people making it harder to resist temptation, leading to piling on the pounds, but the basic cause will still be eating too much and exercising too little! Regular exercise in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet is really the only healthy way to see the pounds melt away.

5. I Love Food Too Much – You can still have the foods that you love, but you need to learn how to control them better. So, rather than saying goodbye to those foods, learn how to exercise using resistance exercises and you will find that your body actually needs and uses extra calories to build and maintain muscle. You may have to cut back on unhealthy foods, but think of all the different foods you can now be trying because you have started resistance training.

6. I Don’t Want To Look Like A Stick Insect – There’s a good chance  that you’ve gained weight because you enjoy food, in which case being skinny won’t necessarily suit your personality. However, the good news is that you can still look great with healthy curves, especially since most people agree that being too skinny is unhealthy and unattractive. The main target is to be healthy for you and have a desired goal you can try to reach.

So time to put those excuses away and get on with doing what’s best for you, your body, your health and your life.