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Exercise of the Week – Bosu/Dome One Leg Bridge Balance

Target Muscles: Core (Lower Back & Abdominals) and Buttocks (Glutes)

Bosu One Leg Bridge Balance 01 - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

Start by placing yourself in a bridge on the dome, about 12 inches off to the side of the centre point with your left shoulder on the dome and your right shoulder off the dome. Extend your arms out to the side with your palms facing up, as shown.

Bosu One Leg Bridge Balance 02 - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

Then pressing down through your right leg and left shoulder, raise and extend your left leg off the ground. Hold for 5 seconds then lower and repeat. To use the alternate leg, move your body across to the other side of the dome so that your right shoulder is on the dome and your left shoulder off the dome.

Repetitions: 8-12 (each leg)

Sets: 2-4

A specific exercise for strengthening the lower back and a good compliment to any intensive abdominal exercises. Exercising opposing muscle groups is key to helping you maintain muscle balance and prevent injuries. As with all balancing exercises, don’t worry if you wobble in the early days, as your body benefits from the dome’s unstable surface and utilises more of the surrounding muscle to assist with the balancing, therefore increasing the effectiveness of the exercise.