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Exercise of the Week – Flutter Kicks

Target Muscles: Core – Abdominals & Lower Back.

Flutter Kicks 01 - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

Begin by laying on the floor, hands down either side of your waist for support. Then lift both legs up, knees slightly bent and one higher than the other, as shown.

Flutter Kicks 02 - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

Then kick your legs up and down in a scissor motion, maintaining both feet off the floor. You can advance this exercise by performing it balancing on your buttocks in a half seated position.

A really effective home exercise which works the muscles of both your stomach and lower back hard. Modifying your leg positioning alters the intensity and muscle focus during the exercise. A higher (closer to the vertical) leg position makes things easier, whilst a lower position increases the demand on your stomach muscles. Please note that you should avoid having your legs too low as this can place too much strain on your lower back, and as a precaution I would not recommend this exercise for those with lower back problems.