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Exercise of the Week – Medicine Ball Partner Twist

Target Muscles:  Core (Obliques & Abdominals).

Med Ball Partner Twist 01

Stand back to back with your partner and with your legs hip width apart. Holding the medicine ball out in front of you at chest level, both you and your partner twist your upper body to the same side allowing you to pass the ball into your partners hands, as shown.

Med Ball Partner Twist 02

Then ensuring that the ball remains at chest level, you both simultaneously twist to the other side for you to receive the ball back from your partner.

Repetitions: Continue for 1-2 minutes

Sets: 1-2

Continuing our partner series with an effective core exercise. Great to perform at home or in the park with minimal equipment, in this case a simple medicine ball. The aim is to keep the ball at chest level as it travels around the circle created by you and your partner’s twisting, and intensity can be increased by increasing the speed.

Note: This exercise should not be performed by people who have lower back problems or have previously had a slipped (herniated) disc.