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Exercise of the Week – Standing Back Hip Extension

Target Muscles: Glutes (Buttocks) & Core (Lower Back).

Standing Back Hip Ext 01 - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

Begin with your hands on top of the ball in front of your knees, one knee bent and one leg back behind you, as shown. Keeping your arms straight pull the ball against your knee to engage your upper back for balance.

Standing Back Hip Ext 02 - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

Then lift your rear leg, keeping it straight, while you roll the ball out in front of you and straighten your standing leg to maintain balance and stretch. Lower and return to start position, then repeat for required number of reps before switching legs.

Repetitions: 4-10 (each leg)

This is a very elegant exercise that strengthens your core and really lifts your buttocks.