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Exercise of the Week – Supine Leg Lift on Ball

Target Muscles: Buttocks (Glutes) , Leg (Hamstrings, Quads, Gastrocnemius) and Core.

Supine Leg Lift 01 - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

Start by laying on the floor with the ball under your lower legs, and place your hands on the floor by your sides. Lift your hips off the floor until your body is straight, as shown.

Supine Leg Lift 02 - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

Then raise one leg off the ball, maintaining your balance and your straight body line, until your leg is vertical. Then lower the leg and alternate with the other leg repeating for the required number of reps.

Repetitions: 8-15 (each leg)

Sets: 2-4

A lovely leg exercise, strengthening and toning the entire leg in one go. As is always the case with exercises using the stability ball, the use of the ball and the stabilisation requirements increases muscle utilisation making them work harder.