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Exercise of the Week – Waiter’s Walk

Target Muscles: Core (Obliques, Rectus Abdominus & Erector Spinae) and Shoulders.

Waiter's Walk 01 - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

Begin by talking a dumbbell in one hand, and hold it above your head with your arm almost straight (elbow not locked), as shown.

Waiter's Walk 02 - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

Then keeping your arm and shoulder tight, simply walk around with your arm remaining up.

Repetitions: As long as you can (each arm)

A simple core and shoulder exercise which only requires a dumbbell or other hand weight. To get it right you need to make sure you keep your torso vertical, with your chest and neck up. This ensures that your obliques are engaged correctly, so no slouching or swaying as you perform it.