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Steps to Fat Loss Success

Steps to Success - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeStarted a fat loss programme,? Then check these Top Ten Tips to avoid failing before you’ve even begun, and ensure you continue to stay on the right track all the way.

1. Do you have a goal, and I mean a specific one? If so, are you thinking about it regularly? Focusing on a goal will help you hit your target by motivating you to succeed.

2. Do you workout 3 times a week AND follow a calorie restricted deficit plan designed for your body? Fat loss tends to be slower and harder if you only do one or the other of these during the week.

3. Do you work out at a high intensity? Providing you are relatively healthy, you should be pushing yourself every time you exercise. A little light workout is better than nothing, but won’t give you the body of your dreams or a satisfying shot of happy endorphins.

4. Have you planned for the week? Planning your shopping list, and the foods you will be eating during the week, prepares you for the supermarket run and helps prevent naughty temptations sneaking in to ruin everything.

5. Make sure your foods are full of good healthy nutrients. You have to fuel your body properly, not with 1,500 calories of junk. Include your 5 a day of fruit and vegetables, eat good amounts of protein to feed those muscles and unless you are a complete exercise nut go easy on the carbs.

6. Stay hydrated. Your body functions better this way period! Plus you may also feel less hungry.

7. Take weekly measurements, but don’t rely on purely the weight on the scales. Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you are working out properly then you should see your weight rise initially. Do tape measurements on bust, waist, stomach, hips, arms and thighs. Use fat calipers and/or body fat scales if you can.

8. Try to get enough hours of sleep a night. Your body needs to repair itself and this is when that process really kicks in. It also helps you be on top form for the daily stress and damage we put it through.

9. Try to wave goodbye to stress. Stress helps your system release cortisol, a hormone which is responsible for helping store fat. So, if fat loss really is your target, then avoid stress and help keep cortisol levels low because you really don’t want too much of it floating round your blood stream.

10. Invest in a personal trainer once a week… no self interest here then!! Honestly, it’s a good way of keeping you motivated and helps you learn how to exercise properly. Some PT’s will also take your measurements and give you other useful information which will help keep you motivated during the rest of the week. So, if you want to stay focused and ensure you get things right, it will be money well spent.