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Fitness Fights Colds

Fewer Colds for the Fit - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeStart early and get fit and ready for the cold and flu season.

People who are physically fit and active have fewer and milder colds, according to a study. The US researchers based their findings on 1,000 adults up to the age of 85 whose respiratory health was tracked for 12 weeks during autumn and winter. Six out of 10 participants were women, four out of 10 were aged between 18 and 39, 40% were middle aged and one in four were aged 60 and older.

All the participants reported back on how frequently they took aerobic exercise and rated their fitness levels using a validated 10-point scoring system. They were also asked about lifestyle, diet and recent stressful events, as these can affect immune system response. The number of days with symptoms among those who said they were physically active on 5 or more days a week and felt fit was almost half (43-46% less) that of those who exercised on only one or zero days of the week.

It is quite clear that improving your physical fitness levels has a significant impact on your overall well-being and your ability to fight off or avoid many illnesses. This isn’t just limited to minor ailments, but is increasingly recognised as relevant to a whole range of conditions. As ever, ensuring that your diet contains all the essential nutrients to fuel your exercise and nourish your body, is critical to the goal of a healthier more active lifestyle.