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Green Tea, a Smarter Cuppa

Green Tea - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeNow, Green Tea sure does have an acquired taste! However, if you can learn to drink this stuff as medicine, or better still enjoy it, you will be doing your body a whole heap of good.

Green Tea has no calories, so you can drink it in moderation. Bear in mind though it does contain a certain amount of caffeine, so caffeine sensitive people should be aware. Green Tea has long been associated with health benefits, and some of these are due to one type of flavonoid called Catechins. One catechin in particular is EGCG. This antioxidant is 25-100 times more powerful than the Vitamins C and E, and in fact one cup of Green Tea has antioxidant effects greater than those from carrots, strawberries, or broccoli.

Catechins can help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing the absorption of cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and destroying free radicals. With EGCG in particular, the benefits are that it also appears to increase oxidation of fats, promoting healthy weight loss. Additional medical benefits are that EGCG can help inhibit the growth and spread of Prostate and Pancreatic cancer, and Polyphenols in Green Tea seem to protect Dopamine neurons, which are relevant to Parkinson’s Disease.

There is so much more, but purely on those details alone, don’t you think it’s worth getting used to the taste and sipping on a recommended 1-5 cups a day.