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Healthy Hydration

Healthy Hydration - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeAre you drinking enough…? And I don’t mean alcohol!

Moderate to severe dehydration over time can lead to some serious health issues, however even mild dehydration can make a big difference. In fact the brain is very sensitive to hydration levels, and dehydration can cause brain cells to shrivel up, thus affecting your nervous system and memory capabilities. Also because water makes up the majority of your blood your heart doesn’t escape unaffected either. In fact, just a small amount of fluid reduction causes your blood to thicken forcing the heart to pump harder, making it less efficient and more liable to suffer from irregular heartbeats.

Lower levels of general body fluids caused by longer term dehydration also impair the metabolic system, slowing it down leading to dull skin, lacklustre hair and dry eyes, plus have a knock on effect on the immune system. The body’s ability to effectively flush toxin depends heavily on having a plentiful supply of fluid to assist, and any reduction causes the body to struggle to cope. Unfortunately kidneys are right in the firing line and if the hydration levels remain low for an extended period of time, they become more likely to develop kidney stones.

We’ve all been told that you need to be drinking 8 glasses of water a day, but frankly more recent understanding means that as long as you keep it varied it doesn’t matter too much what you are drinking; tea (herbal or otherwise), coffee, fruit or vegetable juices, water etc, just make sure you mix it up. Clearly, drinking the more water the better, but be wise and make sure you take a drink at least every couple of hours to ensure you are getting enough fluids throughout the day.