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Holding Back The Years

Holding Back the Years - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeHow many of us want to look and feel older than our years? Isn’t it much more fun to look 5 years younger and feel 10 years younger!

Take steps now and turn back time with these 10 essential tips to help reduce cell degeneration & chronic inflammation, revitalise energy, and make you glow inside and out.

1. No more excuses! Exercise is vital to keeping everything circulating better than normal and flushing out toxins in a sluggish body. You will have greater energy, a more glowing complexion, and your heart, muscles and brain will all be stimulated to work for you stronger and more efficiently. Ensure you set yourself a minimum of twice a week for exercising and use an all over body workout with weights, plus some cardio work and include stretching for the entire body.

2. Sleep properly. This is fundamental to warding off diseases, keeping your skin young and your stress levels at bay.

3. Drink more water. This will help flush out toxins, help your skin look clearer and regulate your internal organs, plus conversely it actually reduces water retention.

4. Eat more foods rich in Phytonutrients and Antioxidants. The former helps fight diseases and the latter fights free radicals that damage healthy cells. Foods sources will include, blueberries, green tea, blackberries, garlic, kale and many more.

5. Avoid too much alcohol. Moderate drinking can be beneficial to some, and a recent report in the news claimed two small glasses of wine a day were beneficial to women by increasing bone density and helping with the menopause. However, bear in mind that one glass of wine a day increases your risk of developing breast cancer, mouth cancer and oesophogus cancer, so take your pick.

6. Balance your omegas. Low levels of omega 3’s combined with high levels of omega 6’s will have ageing effects as this can cause some diseases. Vegetable oils high in omega 6’s are sunflower oil, corn oil, safflower oil and cottonseed oil, so reducing your intake of these are beneficial. On the other hand olive oil has more omega 3’s so is a healthier choice.

7. Reduce your sugar intake. Sugar is yummy but does horrible things inside the body if consumed in excess. It provokes chronic inflammation that can lead to many diseases, and will make you look older as it interferes with the elasticity and collagen of your skin. Try sticking to a maximum of 2-3 small sugar treats a day.

8. Look out for hydrogenated fats. These promote rapid inflammation and insulin resistance. This nasty artificial fat is in some margarines, deep fried fooods and vegetable shortening. Look for ingredients that state trans fats or partially hydrogenated trans fats and avoid like the plague.

9. Keep some fat on you. I have said this before in a previous post, but when it is in the healthy range for your body, having some fat on your body is good. Fat stores vital nutrients and you need certain fats for your brain to function properly. It helps gives women a feminine shape and will also help keep your skin plump and your organs cushioned. Plumper looking faces look younger than gaunt faces. So enjoy your daily treat guilt free.

10. Go low on the processed foods. Processed foods include refined grains, processed meat and pasteurized dairy. It is ok to have these foods in moderation but foods that have not been smoked, salted or had other chemicals added, are always going to be the healthier choice when it comes to keeping your organs young and spritely.

Following these general rules will go a long way to helping you achieve and maintain a healthier mind and body, keeping you looking and feeling younger for longer.