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How Sweet Are You?

How Sweet Are You - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeSugar causes over 100 health related problems, and some of them can kill you.

Hidden sugars are where you least expect them. If you fancy being a super detective, my advice is to check your food labels. What you are looking for are Sucrose substitutes such as corn syrup or corn sugar and words ending in “ose”, which indicates the presence of sugar.

A sugar by any other name is still sugar. Remember even medicines are not immune from added sweetners.

More than a hundred substances that qualify as sweet can be called sugars. The most common are Fructose, a natural sugar found in fruit and honey. Glucose, the body’s blood sugar and the simplest form in which a carbohydrate is assimilated. Dextrose from corn starch and Lactose from milk. Plus Maltose from yeast and Sucrose from sugar cane or beets. It is far too easy to be getting too much sugar without even realising it!

If we can all try to be aware of how much we are eating and really think about how much sugar we are honestly consuming, this would be a good step on the road of health.