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Fat Isn’t All Bad

Fat Isn't All Bad - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeThere is no doubt that being obese and overweight can be dangerous, but did you know that having healthy love handles and some fat is actually good for you!

Rather than seeing fat cells as the enemy, fat plays a key role in regulating vital energy supplies and even helps the immune system. Fat cells can also sense a bacterial or viral attack and join in the fight by producing proteins that cause inflammation which kills off infection. A degree of fat protects our organs, and can give you a reserve for older age that can help keep you alive for longer. A bit of plump can also increase bone density due to the extra weight you are carrying, plus fat will act as a reserve for certain vitamins (A, D, E & K) and minerals.

For the females amongst us, it helps give women a feminine body shape, and for both sexes it helps your face stay youthful for longer by pushing out any lines and filling out hollow eyes. With the right exercise (which includes weight training) and good diet, you can be shapely and toned, fit and healthy, and yes love the wobbly bits too.