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Longing for Telomeres

Longing for Telomeres - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeDo you ever wonder when scientists might actually come up with a guaranteed answer to slowing, or indeed reversing ageing? Well despite not yet having that ‘Eureka!’ answer, recent research has discovered quite a bit in terms of slowing the ageing process, and it seems that some of us are already doing exactly what has been shown to help.

It.might sound obvious but healthy living has a more fundamental impact on your body than just your day to day processes. Doing things like Yoga, eating properly and exercising moderately, all assist in slowing and to a degree reversing, the ageing process, and they actually do this by affecting our DNA.

There are things called Telomeres in our DNA that shorten as we get older, but it is these Telomeres that prevent our chromosomes from deteriorating. They do this by keeping the chromosomes stable when cells divide, however as we age the Telomeres get shorter by fraying. Unfortunately it is this shortening process, and the eventual chromosome deterioration that is associated with a greater risk of early death and a range of nasty diseases.

Researchers have found that people who engage in a healthy lifestyle typically have longer Telomeres than people who fail to keep themselves fit and healthy, and so genetically speaking, are programming themselves for longer lives. So now that I’ve explained that, there should be no excuse not to workout, eat well, stretch and chill out, because lengthening our Telomeres appears to be a key part living better longer. In fact, maybe, it seems that our lives really do depend on it.