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More Than Just Beauty Sleep

More Than Just Beauty Sleep - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeBurning the candle at both ends? Well don’t, you could be storing up more than just potentially looking and feeling tired.

A latest study suggests that if you regularly get less than 6 hours of sleep a day in the course of your week, you could be giving your body a real kicking! There is a clear link between lack of sleep and things like poor brain function, obesity, heart disease and headaches. There were also effects on inflammation and the immune system that can lead to other health problems such as diabetes. In fact not getting enough sleep alters hundreds of genes, fundamentally changing the chemistry of the human body.

Sleeping enough hours a day is critical to rebuilding and repairing the body, and if we don’t give the body long enough to do just that, then it can lead to degenerative diseases. So, try to get a few early nights per week, so that you and your cells can enjoy a well earned lovely lie in!