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On The Rebound

On the Rebound - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeMy favorite form of cardio is rebounding, or trampolining for those who haven’t come across the latest name for it. Not only is it masses of fun, but it also offers a combination of health benefits that many other forms of cardio can’t.

Firstly, the great news is that rebounding can burn up to 20% more calories, and that’s without even having to leave your own home. Secondly, it’s generally easier on your body. Many people can’t go jogging because they suffer from either shin splints, foot problems or joint issues, but with the lower impact of rebounding, all of these can either be eliminated or at least greatly reduced. Thirdly, the bouncing motion itself helps the lymphatic system flow more efficiently, thereby improving and speeding up the removal of toxins from the body.

So, with relatively inexpensive personal rebounders now available to home users, put on some of your favourite beats, turn up the volume and simply make up your own dance and bounce routine. Try to last for as long as you can, with the aim of building up to around 30 mins per session. You will soon be feeling healthier, fitter and more refreshed. Don’t underestimate the power of rebounding, as it will surprise you how much of a workout you can get out of it, even for beginners.