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Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeAre you fueling your body right, or are you pumping any old gas into your tank?

Most modern diets are heavily dependent on carbohydrates (pasta, rice, potato etc) for the bulk of the calories needed to supply our bodies with energy, and whilst slow release carbs are great for long term fuel during exercise, post workout our body has more immediate requirements that also need to be satisfied. This is especially the case when we are either trying to lose weight and body sculpt, or indeed for body building.

Muscle tissue is built using protein, and therefore ensuring an adequate supply of protein in our diet is critical if we want to improve our muscle to fat ratio. However it is not just the quantity of protein that is important, but also the quality of it, as all protein is not the same.

Protein is made from a combination of around 20 amino acids, all of which are required in sufficient supply to build muscle. Thankfully half of these amino acids can be made inside our bodies, but the other half, those called ‘Essential’ amino acids, we have to provide through our diet. Protein in our diet is divided into two types, Complete and Incomplete. Complete protein is derived from animal and dairy sources and contains the correct balance of the essential amino acids that allows the body to build muscle tissue. Incomplete protein on the other hand either lacks certain essential amino acids, or doesn’t have them in the right balance to enable the body to utilise it efficiently when eaten in isolation. The good news for vegans and vegetarians, is that over a 24 hour period you are able to consume different types of incomplete protein to effectively create complete protein inside your body. This is done by mixing combinations of beans, peas, nuts, seeds and grains within your diet.

Therefore if you working out, congratulations, and if you are trying to build muscle and/or cut fat, good luck, but remember to ensure that you are fueling your muscles with enough complete protein, or combining the right incomplete proteins, to allow your body a fair chance of reflecting all that hard work.