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Roll on Summer, Sun and D

Summer, Sun & D - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeVitamin D is very important in the human body and a lack of it links to some nasty illnesses. This includes Rickets in children (this is deformation of the long bones) and Osteomalacia (a bone thinning disorder) in adults. This is because a lack of Vitamin D alters mineral metabolism in the body significantly affecting bone tissue, which may also lead to Osteoporosis. Research shows the most at risk from deficiency are; dark-skinned people, people that cover up and who’s clothes let in little sunshine, pregnant or breastfeeding woman, people aged over 65, and children aged between 6 months and 5 years. In fact the Department of Health currently recommends these high risk group take supplements, but always check with your GP before taking any supplements.

However there is a great opportunity during Spring, Summer, and some Autumn days to form and store Vitamin D. This is because our body actually makes Vitamin D in the skin when exposed to sun. It is important though to limit your sun to make sure that you don’t over expose and burn, but sunlight remains a key factor in our bodies’ need for D. Failing that, Vitamin D can also be obtained from your diet, and good dietary sources include; Salmon, Tuna (canned in oil), Mackerel, whole eggs, fortified cereals and dairy products.

In combination with a healthy amount of Vitamin D, it is always worth noting that adequate Calcium intake and regular exercise, including weight bearing exercises, also helps to strengthen bones.