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Quick Tip – Skimmed, Semi or Whole?

Skimmed, Semi or Whole - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeStudies have shown that the Calcium content of milk, cheese and other dairy has the effect of helping prevent the absorption of fat from the dairy. So if fat content is your concern, then your choice of milk type is less important.

In reverse however, although skimmed milk may not be as tasty as semi or whole milk, because of its lower levels of fat, your body is more able to access the slightly higher levels of the bone building Calcium it contains. This is down to the fact that fat can interfere with the absorption of Calcium, preventing your body from making the most of your dietary content. Therefore it is probably more important that you don’t avoid dairy products like milk and cheese, as the Calcium content is important for your bone health. Then, when you do have them, choosing the lower fat versions will improve your Calcium uptake.