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Sticking To The Plan

Sticking To The Plan - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeAs I covered in a previous post, Food and You, the best way to lose weight and keep it off forever, is to forget all the fad diets and learn how to eat normally and healthily.

Whilst I talked about changing the mindset and attitude of yourself, and the people you need to support you, here are a few more pointers to help you get it right in the early days of your journey.

Firstly, get a diary and write down a weekly food plan targeting 1,500 calories a day for five days, and the remaining two days where you can bump that up by 1,000 calories to 2,500 for your treat days. Make sure though that you include protein and carbs, plus your 5-a-day fruit and vegetables, on each and every day of your weekly plan.

Next, find 3 days a week to start working-out for around 30 to 40 minutes per session. Try and make sure those days are spaced apart, so that you don’t workout on consecutive days. Depending on exactly what you are doing, your body will need the time to recover and make the gradual physical changes you’re aiming for between each session. Plus, if you are going to do this and maintain it for the long term, it’s always better if it’s doing something you enjoy.

Patience is the key, and the one secret to permanent weight loss that the media driven so called ‘miracle cures’ won’t tell you about. You may not notice the results in the first few weeks because the changes tend to be internal and subtle, but don’t worry because after 5 to 6 weeks you will. You’ll begin to see the changes in inches on the tape measure and pounds on the scales. One of the most important things to remember is that nearly everyone has plateaus and bad days. There will be days when nothing appears to be happening, or days where everything goes wrong and you blow the planned calorie target to bits. However, if you go back to the plan, manage the calories and do the exercise, you will reach your body’s true weight and shape, safely and healthily.

So; plan it, do it, stick with it and you’ll achieve it.