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Stretch of the Week – Backbend Balance

Target Benefits – Front torso stretch, improves flexibility of the spine and strengthens your hip flexors.

Backbend Balance - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

Begin by sitting on the stability ball and then carefully lean backwards, arching your back around the ball while rolling yourself into a fully reclined position, hands on the floor behind you. Then, as shown, lift both legs off the floor as far as possible retaining your balance as you do so. If you can’t maintain your balance, then simply lift one leg at a time. Lower your legs one at a time and then with your hands behind your head, slowly roll back up into a sitting position. Repeat a further 2 times max.

Points to note:

– This is an advanced stretch.

– Do not attempt this if you are pregnant, have abdominal problems, or have high blood pressure.

– Be careful if you have hip or back problems.