Cynthia Gonera

Cynthia Gonera

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I’ve been going to Maria since July after finally deciding to do something about my post graduation weight gain. The thought of going to the gym horrified me, but bad eating habits were increasing so I knew I had to get a Personal Trainer. I’m happy to say that going to PT sessions with Maria is the best decision I’ve made the whole year.

Maria is a great PT, very friendly and knowledgeable. The sessions are intense, but fun, and you see results in-between sessions! What I love about Maria is her evident passion to teach people to live healthy lifestyles. I enquired about many diet fads, shakes and short-cuts, but she patiently explained reality and directed me to the best method; which is eating a ‘natural’ balanced diet and exercising.

Since going to Maria I have lost a stone, and inches off my waist! When I began training I also had neck and back strain, but after a few sessions it stopped completely. Maria has shown and taught me that health is wealth; I’m now independently working to ensure permanent results through a fitness journey that I love and enjoy. Additionally, the Nutrition Course is of exceptional value. It was an eye opener, and my eating habits have changed permanently because of it.

I would highly recommend Maria to anyone, and I am happy to assure you that your life and body will change (if you’re willing to work too…) and she will work with you to make sure of it!

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