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Personal training with Maria was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was that type of individual who always attended a local gym, but never got the results I wanted to achieve. I always knew how big I looked, but needed some support and I knew that if I didn’t do anything about it now, it would have been more difficult to achieve later in life and I would have felt worse.

I wanted personal training to lose weight and tone up, so Maria was the best thing that happened to me. My sessions were amazing (and still are) and the plans she put together for me were always fun and enjoyable. At first it was a little bit hard sticking to the plan, however I had a positive attitude towards losing weight and I knew if I didn’t do it right I would never achieve my goal. I was amazed and thrilled to see good results each time I attended my sessions, and I worked very hard and always listened to Maria’s advice. Because of her motivation and work, and my hard work and effort, I went beyond my weight loss goal and feel very proud of myself.

Maria is an amazing, very professional and talented lady, and I always knew I could trust her. The support both in and outside the session times was unbelievable, always a text or phone call away, and whenever I needed her she was always there for me. I am very lucky to have met a PT like Maria, who helped and motivated me throughout my sessions and I am therefore continuing my sessions to maintain my weight and continue to tone up.

I would absolutely recommend Maria to those who want to achieve a healthy weight and feel good about themselves.

Haleema Araf - High Wycombe

A truly enjoyable and rewarding experience, giving me the education to go forward to maintain gradual weight loss and toning.

Caroline Mather - Flackwell Heath

Before & After - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

Before & After - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

I have always been fairly slim but had to work at it with diet and exercise. A second baby at 39, the big 40 looming and my own efforts giving little results, I knew I needed some help to get back in shape.

I had a goal of 3 months and Maria was confident I could achieve the results I desired in that time with some hard work. I used one session to go through nutrition and diet, and this really opened my eyes to where I had been going wrong with food. Though not bad, I needed to change. My exercise previously had always been heavily focused on cardio and Maria advised that strength training would achieve the best results and of course she was right! The sessions were hard, varied and pushed me to my limit, but I enjoyed every single one and I now have more muscle tone and definition than I did pre-pregnancy.

Maria is a fantastic trainer and a great motivator and whilst I have noticed the changes to my body, it was really the before and after photos where I could really see what I had achieved. I will miss my sessions greatly but I can now be fit and forty and have the tools I need to continue training on my own.

Michelle Bax - Totteridge

I lost 23 lbs in weight with a 7% reduction in body fat and an improvement in my metabolic age of 12 years.

Personal training with Maria was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I really struggled in the past with maintaining a healthy weight and constantly found myself yo-yo dieting and never feeling happy with how I looked. I knew I had to do something about it but needed some support along the way.

Maria created fun workout plans for each session, specifically tailored to my body and to help me reach the goals I wanted to achieve. She has also taught me that I am able to do effective workouts at home and it’s not necessary to join expensive gyms. Exercise is now an important part of daily routine and I actually enjoy doing it!

I will always have a sweet tooth and sweet treats will definitely always be my downfall! However, Maria has helped me understand the importance of a balanced diet and now I am aware of what it takes to maintain or lose weight. What I love most is how I don’t feel restricted with my meals, and I am still able to treat myself every now and then.

Unfortunately I am unable to carry on training at this point, but I know that what I have learnt will stay with me for the rest of my life. Maria has helped me completely transform my lifestyle, and I am feeling healthier and more confident then ever. I can’t thank her enough!

Daisy Munns - High Wycombe

Maria is a fantastic PT. All sessions are tailored made specifically for me. Everything is explained clearly, with purpose and a big dose of fun.

The nutrition advice is invaluable and it is probably the nutritional changes in my life that has made the biggest difference. Maria is available for support and advice in between sessions which can help with motivation and focus. I look forward to my workouts every week. Maria you are a star!!

Sarah Jackson - High Wycombe

Natasha Nicolaou - Wembley

Following a scary diagnosis and major surgeries last year, I came to Maria desperate to take back some control over my body. Being overweight and very unfit, I was unsure whether PT was for me. The minute I met Maria I knew if anyone could get me moving she could. Her level of knowledge and expertise made me feel safe and gave me the confidence I needed to make a start.

The fitness sessions were tailored exactly to my specific needs and were clearly the result of a lot of careful thought and planning on Maria’s part. The nutrition sessions were extremely useful too and have helped me become more mindful about how I eat without feeling like I am on a diet. Maria’s caring and professional approach was exactly what I needed to get me back on my feet and I never failed to leave her studio feeling stronger, re-energised and altogether more positive. I hope to be back for more very soon!

Claire Gresswell - High Wycombe

Maria brought fun and knowledge to exercise; she is inspirational and motivational and every session with her is exciting. She is full of energy and positivity and we always end up in laughter!

Nic Cavill - High Wycombe

I really enjoyed my sessions with Maria. By tailoring the workouts individually to me, and with lots of encouragement she motivated me both to achieve my weight loss goals and change my lifestyle for the better!

Cath Soul - High Wycombe

I wanted personal training to improve my health and lifestyle; and also to slim down and change shape. Initially I was looking at numbers on scales, rather than shape, but I loved the training sessions and came away feeling energised. Maria was very professional, always motivational in her approach, and most enjoyable was the variation of exercise which was different each week.

There were distractions to the healthy eating plan, but overall I adapted very well and use it as a way of life now. Support..? Excellent! Lots of encouragement in sessions and regular texts to motivate and keep on track outside. I have really enjoyed these sessions, losing over a stone in weight and they have changed my life. I now build fitness into my week and no longer find it a chore, such that I have recommended Maria to friends who also want to improve their lifestyles.

Sally Mannerings - High Wycombe

Aged 51, I noticed weight going on in places where I hadn’t gained weight before. My fitness levels were awful – just walking up a flight of stairs left me out of breath and my blood pressure was high; 150/95.

I went along to Maria and a year on I’ve lost weight, I have my shape back, my strength and fitness is probably better than ever and my blood pressure readings are now around 110/70. Ran up the stairs two at a time recently and I’m often astounded at what my body can achieve. My strength and stamina have increased and I have definition around my waist and stomach.

Maria is professional, knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging and above all patient. I would never have believed I could achieve the fitness level I am at now. When I first went to Maria, I really didn’t believe I could be where I am today, but she never had any doubt and that belief was so encouraging for me. Anyone with hypertension though will understand that the decrease I have achieved with Maria’s fitness programme, really is quite life changing.

The exercise bug has bitten me thanks to Maria.

Elaine North - Lane End

Before & After - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

When I first started meeting with Maria, I didn’t like my appearance at all. I felt fat and frumpy, felt tired and had no energy to cope with the day.

In my first session I was shocked at my measurements and the weight I saw on the scales, however Maria was very reassuring and each week was motivating and encouraging. Each session Maria pushed me to my limit, however she always ensured I was doing the exercises correctly so I was never injured, but she also made it clear if I wanted results I had to work hard. Sessions were varied to ensure I did not become static and that my body didn’t plateau which meant I continued to see results.

When I first started I was only able to run for 10 seconds without being out of breath and needing to stop, however after 4 months I ran the race for life (3.2 miles) in under 30 minutes. This was such an achievement I was over the moon with it. By the time my final session with Maria arrived I had lost 2 stone, dropped 2 dress sizes and felt like a different person. My whole outlook on exercise, food and myself changed completely. I am now confident, stand tall and enjoy exercise.

I have a lot to thank Maria for as her friendly, caring personality made the whole experience one that I really enjoyed, will look back on fondly and will really cherish.

Katie Hope - High Wycombe

Before & After - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

Over the past few years I noticed my weight was creeping up and up and I was becoming very ashamed of my appearance. I was very unhealthy and did little exercise. I knew I needed to do something about it, but lacked the motivation.

That was when I started seeing Maria, where she gave me the support and guidance I needed to make a positive change to my health and well-being.

Through an intensive nutritional course focusing on healthy eating and the importance of a balanced diet as well as personal training sessions and the Real Me Plan, Maria has helped me lose 2 stone over a 6 month period. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Maria and am very grateful for her encouragement and motivation. I always look forward to her personal training sessions and the Real Me Plan provides a great balance of nutritional information and exercise.

I would recommend Maria to anyone looking to lose weight, tone up or just become healthier in general.

Kate Sheehan - High Wycombe

I started to train with Maria after a friend recommended her. I have had 12 fitness sessions and 1 nutrition session.

I had been through a tough year in 2015 and wanted to get back into exercise and lose some weight as well as improve my eating habits. The nutritional information has been invaluable and helped me lose weight whilst maintaining muscle and energy levels.

I understand by body and what it needs much more now. The fitness sessions have steadily progressed each week. They are not easy, but with Maria’s support and encouragement I have seen my body change and adapt and I am really pleased with the results!

Yasmin Shroff - High Wycombe

Before & After - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

Before & After - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

I started training with Maria two years ago when I was at my heaviest and most unfit. Not only did Maria open my eyes to the benefits of healthy eating and exercising, but her regular messages of encouragement and reminders helped me reach my goal.

I am now the happiest I have been for years and this is all thanks to Maria, which I will be eternally grateful for.

Sophie Putnam - Hazlemere

I wanted personal training to become fitter physically, lose weight and gain a better understanding of food/nutrition. The training sessions were well planned, with a variety of moves and workouts, so not monotonous but enjoyable, and it was motivating that anyone can exercise.

I reached my goal of understanding nutrition better, knowing my body type and with some weight loss. It’s been a challenge to stick to a healthy plan, as I have had to strike a balance with work/life and realise what is good/bad and break habits. Maria was very professional, courteous and friendly, always organised and knows her facts and exercises. She was very supportive, taking care to check on my well-being during every session, and outside of them equally great with texts and reminders which were always valuable.

It’s been a great experience, and an eye opener for me. I am happy with the experience and am willing to continue to take my learnings on. Pro:Kinesis definitely know its stuff.

Nabila Kamran - High Wycombe

I came to Maria to gain weight in a healthy way and I was also suffering with back problems. By the end I had reached my goals, and more.

Maria is very professional and makes you feel comfortable with her enthusiastic personality. She is inspiring and motivating, and I found working out really enjoyable, but I also learnt about nutrition and how to manage my new eating plan and routine.

I was wearing a back brace when I first started, however after two sessions here I stopped wearing it as the weight training was helping to strengthen my back. My biggest results though came with my legs, where the muscle definition improved drastically. This is apparent in my arms as well, which are now toned, and I feel much stronger and confident about my body.

I would totally recommend Maria to others… she’s wonderful!

Shanice Neptune - High Wycombe

I worked with Maria from Pro:Kinesis from October 2012 until March 2013, with the aim of losing weight and increasing my fitness levels. After having two children ten years ago, the weight had stayed on and I needed somebody to motivate me and help me lose those extra pounds.

Maria was fantastic and changed the routine to keep it fresh and interesting. We worked on my cardiovascular and physical strength. My main aim was to get fit for an upcoming holiday to Florida, so that I could last the days walking round the parks, which are quite sizable. I am pleased to say that I lost a stone due to my sessions with Maria, and am now continuing with her routine on my own.

Many thanks Maria!

Samantha Dove - Widmer End

My training has been fantastic and I have seen results every session, which has been an achievement.

My confidence has improved and I have become stronger and now have a more healthy mentality, which I know I wouldn’t have achieved if I hadn’t been coming to Maria.

Nazmin Hamid - High Wycombe

Serenna Brennan

What did I want from personal training? I came to Pro:Kinesis looking to lose weight and get fit.

I found I had a good rapport with Maria, and though the sessions were physically hard, they were well worth it. She is very professional, well aware of implementing correct exercise techniques and maintaining safety within the sessions. The diet plan she gave was easy to follow and a challenge for me, but Maria was absolutely mega supportive. She follows up with regular, consistent text support, and was always there whenever needed at the low times. Maria goes above and beyond her call of duty.

Elena Grace - Tylers Green

I thoroughly enjoyed every training session with Maria. The advice and tips have been invaluable for helping keep me focused, and understanding what nutrition I was lacking in my diet.

I have definitely seen and felt the improvements the advice has made during the time I have been training.

I really appreciate all your help over the last few months.

Collette Dare - Hazlemere

My doctor told me to lose weight and exercise, or I would have to be put on beta-blockers because my resting heart rate was too high. So I went to Maria.

What a difference! My resting heart rate was 120 per minute and now it’s down to 86. At first I could only perform the plank exercise for 12 seconds, now I can do 2 minutes 5 seconds. Previously I struggled to run for 1 minute, now after 3 months of training I can do over 5 minutes. Since undergoing surgery on my back in 2008 where the vertebrae in my lower back were fused, I had been in constant pain suffering with lots of funny niggles. Following just a few sessions with Maria I could feel a huge difference and was able to touch my toes and the floor, and more amazingly I no longer had any pains and I still don’t now. In addition, with Maria’s food advice, I have lost over 2 stone in weight and it’s positively affected not just my own health, but my family and friends too.

The whole experience has been life changing for me and my family. I really enjoyed working out with Maria and finding out both how far I could push my body, and how exercise really lifts my moods and helps me sleep so much better. I am also looking at food differently now, trying to view it as fuel and nutrients for my body. As a consequence therefore, because I enjoy eating healthy and trying different foods, the whole family eats more healthily as a result. I know that the tips and things I have learnt with Maria, I will use and remember for the rest of my life.

Maria is the ultimate professional, always making sure I am safe and using the correct technique whilst working out. As such, and especially given the results we’ve achieved, I would without any reservation, highly recommend her as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor for anyone looking to make long term changes to their lifestyle, diet and exercise.

Jill Hallas - Totteridge

Before & After - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe

After years of dieting on and off, and weight ranging from 10 to 13 stone, I met Maria.

I have always loved food and struggled to eat sensible portion sizes, so I would diet and then binge. I tried calorie counting, Weight Watchers, 5:2, with varying success, but would eventually return to my starting size. Maria discussed with me the possibilities of training combined with healthy eating. I decided to train with her, and I am so glad I made that decision.

I knew if I just kept going to the sessions, and ate healthily that I would reach my goal. I’ve lost 2 stone in 4 months, and my body fat is within the normal range now. For the first time in years I try on my clothes and feel I look good in them. I have even rediscovered my smaller size clothes in my wardrobe, which I’d put away years ago because I was too big! I finally feel healthy and happy with my body, and I would highly recommend Maria to anyone considering getting fitter. She is very professional and knowledgeable, and I have thoroughly enjoyed training with her.

I couldn’t have done this without her motivating and encouraging me.

Susie Dorricott - Hazlemere

Maria is an enthusiastic, expert and very professional personal trainer, who is passionate about health & fitness and who is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients in terms of practical help, advice and encouragement.

The workouts are enjoyable, productive and energetic, and Maria also adds a very valuable fun element to the sessions! She also clearly has an extensive nutritional knowledge base and combining this expertise with the brilliant physical workouts she devices for her clients, is what makes her a superb personal trainer, and one I would recommend to anyone.

Anna Burniston - Hughenden Valley

I found the nutritional advice very interesting and inspiring, and have now totally changed how I eat and drink! It’s not difficult and doesn’t feel like a ‘quick fix’. I’m now more alert, less lethargic and even without exercise have lost inches.

Lisa Hill - High Wycombe

I’ve been going to Maria since July after finally deciding to do something about my post graduation weight gain. The thought of going to the gym horrified me, but bad eating habits were increasing so I knew I had to get a Personal Trainer. I’m happy to say that going to PT sessions with Maria is the best decision I’ve made the whole year.

Maria is a great PT, very friendly and knowledgeable. The sessions are intense, but fun, and you see results in-between sessions! What I love about Maria is her evident passion to teach people to live healthy lifestyles. I enquired about many diet fads, shakes and short-cuts, but she patiently explained reality and directed me to the best method; which is eating a ‘natural’ balanced diet and exercising.

Since going to Maria I have lost a stone, and inches off my waist! When I began training I also had neck and back strain, but after a few sessions it stopped completely. Maria has shown and taught me that health is wealth; I’m now independently working to ensure permanent results through a fitness journey that I love and enjoy. Additionally, the Nutrition Course is of exceptional value. It was an eye opener, and my eating habits have changed permanently because of it.

I would highly recommend Maria to anyone, and I am happy to assure you that your life and body will change (if you’re willing to work too…) and she will work with you to make sure of it!

Cynthia Gonera - Totteridge

Mona Ghezel - Beaconsfield

Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, my sessions with Pro:Kinesis have come to an end. However I would like to say how beneficial my time was. Maria is an amazing personal trainer, giving incredible support in the sessions, and at home.

I felt a thousand times better even after a short time and the nutrition and lifestyle advice has been invaluable. For my personal goals I was well on my way to the body shape I wanted to achieve, so I plan to return to Maria as soon as possible, that is if she has any slots left! I would advise anyone that wants a personal trainer who is professional, caring and an inspiration… look no further.

Gayle Lawton - Hazlemere

Maria has given me so many tools and advice about how to continue with my health & fitness for life. I have made so many positive changes, maintaining all the muscle I have gained and keeping off the fat I have lost. Body muscle mass up 4lbs, but weight down 11lbs, body fat down 8.5%, tummy down 5 inches, hips down 3 inches and metabolic age down by 17 years! The results say more than I ever could…

Sarah F - High Wycombe

I lost almost a stone, really enjoyed the sessions and learned a lot about how to exercise and balance dietary intake.

What was most enjoyable? Good interaction with Maria, got on very well and felt the training sessions had a great motivation on my lifestyle. I have learnt where I was going wrong and what my calories should be, but Maria was extremely professional, supportive and motivational, including outside the sessions. I have enjoyed and benefited immensely from the experience.

Valerie Kelly - High Wycombe

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