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The Power of the Dark Side

The Power of the Dark Side - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeMany studies are continuing to come up on the positive benefits of dark (plain) chocolate. Some of these include; being a mild cough preventative, reducing the risk of heart disease, improving blood pressure and the circulatory system, and lowering bad cholesterol. These benefits appear to be linked to the level of anti-oxidant compounds called Flavonoids contained within dark chocolate (>55% cocoa).

Cocoa or dark chocolate, eaten even every day in moderation, alongside being strongly indicated in the reduction in the risk of heart disease, improving blood pressure and circulation, has other possible effects including anti-cancer properties and brain stimulation. On this last point, a particular study reported by the BBC indicated that melting dark chocolate in your mouth produced an increase in brain activity that was more intense than a passionate kiss and lasted 4 times longer after eaten.

Importantly, the higher the cocoa percentage of the chocolate, the lower the sugar content will be. So switching from milk to dark chocolate will be beneficial in reducing your overall sugar consumption. There is though a slight increase in fat content, hence the ‘eat in moderation’ recommendation. Ecuadorian dark chocolate appears to have one of the highest concentrations of these anti-oxidant Flavonoids, so just small amounts of the dark stuff could do you the power of good.