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Vital Iron

Vital Iron - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeLots of women are unaware of how important iron is in their diet. Iron facilitates the transportation of Oxygen, the release of energy, and is important for keeping the immune system working.

If your diet is lacking this mineral you can expect to feel the side effects, including feeling tired even when you have had enough sleep, and a lack of energy throughout the day. However a simple blood test can easily show if your body doesn’t have enough.

Iron is one of the most difficult nutrients to absorb, but this absorption is improved if you take Vitamin C with it. The body can also take the Iron from meat more efficiently than from other sources, but you also need to ensure you eat more of the non meat choices too. Unfortunately iron intake really does become a challenge if you limit your meat choices to fish and chicken, or are vegetarian, as the best sources actually come from red meat.

Particularly challenging for women is that you lose blood in the menstrual cycle making iron stores even more depleted as the months go by. Adding a supplement can do wonders to top up iron stores, but try to include foods in your diet that are fortified in iron as well as eating more eggs, watercress, chocolate, turkey, raisins, scallops, spinach, oysters, clams, sun dried tomatoes and dried apricots.