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Keep On Moving

Keep On Moving - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High WycombeWhat do you want to do when you get home from work? Sit down and put your feet up? Well you might want to rethink that one.

A recent survey published by The Register of Exercise Professionals, suggests that people who spend most of their time sitting down when they get home from work may be more likely to get a potentially fatal blood clot than those who are more active. The study was carried out on 70,000 nurses.

The study by Dr Christopher Kabrhel from Massachusetts General Hospital investigated the leisure habits of the 70,000 nurses, most of whom would be on their feet for most of the working day. However, over an 18-year period the researchers found that those who sat longer than 6 hours a day when not working had twice the risk of a pulmonary embolism than those who sat for less than two hours a day. The results held good even after taking into account age, weight and smoking habits.

My recommendation is therefore to ensure that you try and avoid sitting for extended periods of time, and simply keep moving as much as possible. Options include – walking around the house, going up and down the stairs, or even better, doing a mini workout in front of the television; jogging, mini squats, lunges, knee up pull downs and kneeling press ups or tricep dips off the sofa would all be good choices. Do this for 5 minutes at time, three times between getting home and going to bed, to gain a significant boost to your health.