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Why Everyone Should Weight Train

Weight Training - Pro:Kinesis Personal Training, High Wycombe10 compelling reasons to weight train –


Primarily, and obviously, by building muscle you will become physically stronger. Daily chores will be much easier; lifting your children, the shopping, gardening or carrying things up and down stairs, whilst other sports will require less effort.


Weight training helps to give your body shape and definition. By looking and feeling toned, instead of floppy and sagging, you feel better and sexier, boosting your self confidence.


Importantly the increase in muscle mass has another benefit by increasing your resting metabolism. Generally speaking, each pound of muscle you gain helps you burn another 35-50 calories per day. So even when you aren’t working out, you are burning more calories, helping you lose fat faster.


It allows you to eat more! We all know that fad diets or extremely restricted calorie intake leave you frustrated, tired and depressed after a while, but weight training actually requires you to feed your body better. Good whole foods and lean proteins are necessary to grow and maintain your muscles.


You will reduce your risk of heart disease by lowering your LDL (bad) Cholesterol and increasing your HDL (good) Cholesterol. Weight training can also help to lower blood pressure.


You improve your chances of avoiding Osteoporosis by increasing bone mineral density. Weight training in conjunction with a diet high in Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc helps build bone and prevent the density loss typically associated with ageing.


Helps reduce the risk of Arthritis and back pain. This is because strength training builds stronger connective tissues that improve joint and spinal stability and thereby reduce the chances of damage.


It boosts your mood for a lasting effect. A Harvard study found that 10 weeks of strength training reduced clinical depression symptoms more successfully than counselling, with people reporting feeling more confident and capable as a result. One positive sign in the fight against depression.


Training with weights helps you stay healthier as you age. You will look younger, sleep better and encourage a more robust immune system. And, if you feel more confident, with more energy and with a more capable body, then your sex life may benefit too.


Strength training can be very rewarding, helping you prove to yourself what you can achieve by lifting or pumping heavier and longer. It also provides a role model with visible results to those around you including children.

The best thing to remember, is that you are never to old to start weight training!